Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

It is a beautiful day here this morning. 
Temps are expected to top out around 77*!
I had planned on painting up the stairs and the upstairs hallway today while Caden is at baseball practice, but with weather like this I think I'll put it off a bit and go watch the boys practice.
There is always tomorrow, right?

The Hubby surprised me with dinner and tickets to see an Eagle's tribute band last night.
Seriously, he has never done anything like that before. 
 Only problem was, to me it just didn't seem right to see a band sitting in chairs at venue with about five hundred other people also sitting in chairs. Sure it was probably alright for the slower songs, but I likely embarrassed the Hubby pretty good moving, grooving and gyrating in my seat while singing loudly to my favorite songs. Not to mention annoying some folks around us lol
Loved it!

Caden's cat Silver has recovered from his broken leg, got neutered and is now a house cat with the desire to try darting out any open door. 
He snuck out one evening last week and wouldn't come in so he spent a chilly night outside. Poor guy was anxious to come in the next morning I tell you. 

Chyann's Bobbi-jo catching a snooze in a good ass beer box. Yes, we finally got some and it was alright - if you like light beer with very little flavor. Over the years I've developed a taste for beer that has a bit of a bite to it so this was not my favorite - going to save what is left for the graduation party lol

Chyann's other cat Stitch and Silver cuddling on the couch.
Yes Chyann is taking her two cats with her when she leaves.

I don't think I mentioned it, but ol' Dodger took a hard kick to the jaw from Jennifer around Easter time. Nothing was broken, but he swelled up awful bad and is just now getting to where he can yawn and open his mouth normally. He no longer harasses Jennifer when I go out to feed the horses. A hard lesson learned to be sure, but no amount of hollering at him previously would stop him from nipping and barking at her. 

Enjoy the day :) 

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