Thursday, April 14, 2016

Let's see now

What all has been happening?
A lot.
A few of the highlights are:

Caden was released by his docs just in time to practice once before wrestling regionals happened.
I wasn't too keen on the idea, but he convinced us that any experience win or loose was good experience.  
Considering all that, he did quite well taking fifth place out of eight boys in his weight bracket.

Hanging out there with one of his buddies. 

National Honor Society awards for Chyann.
(Caden got braces this day)

Caden in the school play Peter Pan.
He was one of the twin lost boys.

The Hubby got a long overdue haircut for it.

Even his brother came home to see him preform. 
Brought back good memories for him as he really enjoyed the school play productions. 

Baseball season has begun.
The Wheeler team is already rocking out awesome practices and their first game is on the 16th.
The school team didn't have enough 7th or 8th grades for separate teams so they will have a combined team this year, which kids continue to drop from. At this time they've barely enough boys to play. Fingers crossed no one else quits. Not sure what we'll do if that happens.

We had to buy hay for the first time in two years. 
Last time we bought it the big squares they were $125 each. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they are now only $40 each!

After a few starts and stops with warm weather and then blizzards with a shit load of snow, it appears spring is upon us. 
The trees are heavy with buds just ready to pop!

Today the temp even got up to a whopping 71*!
Sure felt good.

We ordered an additional 70 trees from our local extension office and they will be here next Friday so after the game next week you'll find us planting them. 

Graduation is rolling right up folks!
35 more days and counting. 
 The INVITATIONS arrived today.
Our plan is to get them in the mail by the 20th. I can feel writers cramp coming on already.

Last night we celebrated Chyann's accomplishment of being in the top 10% of her graduating class!
How cool is that! 
The local chamber of commerce put on a banquet to recognize the top 10% of our school and several others in the county. It was a very nice program and we really enjoyed it.
I really appreciated the fact that they are also recognizing academic achievements and not just athletic side of it for their student body. 
The food was even good lol 

I was working one day last week and glanced out my window to see an amazing sight.
Jennifer had three crows on her back. She was just standing there frozen in fear I'm sure. By the time I picked up my phone to get a picture two had already departed. 
Couldn't believe this horse that jumps at just about everything under the sun would let birds land on her and hang out. What a dip shit. 

I seriously considered stopping the blog for a while there, but reconsidered as apparently there are folks that read it and like seeing what we are up to - Jeff, Rose, Mom :)

 later alligator


jade said...

I like your posts too!
Kind regards,

Ami said...

I am always glad when you post also!!!Cracking up at the birds landing on the horse. :)

Your kids look so grown up all of a sudden, too.

Where does time go?
I do not know, but I'm missing a chunk of it myself. :)

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you again!



Nicole said...

Me too, I read too! I get a little behind... but I read!!