Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

 Sunday once again.

Not a lot going on here except baking.
The kids are off bananas again and I've got a counter full of nice ripe ones to do something with.
I'm thinking banana cake and banana bread. 

The basketball tourney up North yesterday was good. 
The boys walloped the other teams they played by literally 40+ points each. 
That sure doesn't happen often.
Basketball season only has about two more weeks left which is good because wrestling really starts gearing up in March with two or three tourneys a week.

Colton is now in Ireland.
The kids flew there yesterday. 
I think they'll only be there a few days before having to get back to the UK for classes. 

We've seen a slight warming trend recently and I hope to drag my girl out for a ride today.
Funny how the tables have turned. 
It used to be her bugging me to ride and now it's me bugging her.

A gorgeous sunset the other night.

Take it easy


Ami said...

Oh my gosh, I love bananas. I swore a couple years ago that I'd never eat another one (aversion related to what happened when I ate one during norovirus... ugghhh) but I have at least one a day now in my smoothies.

My favorite banana bread has sour cream in it. Here's one that looks similar... I don't like it with cinnamon, your mileage may vary.

Have a good week!!

Nikker said...

If you get around to it, would you post your banana cake recipe? I have never had banana cake! (0:
I think I may try the above banana bread recipe...never had it with sour cream! I love sour cream! (0:

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how kids are with food. Jamie is the same way, he'll love oatmeal for awhile, so I buy oatmeal. The minute it comes on sale and I buy a whole whack he doesn't want it anymore. Kids!

Oh I haven't commented in a while. Not because I'm not reading your posts, but because I read them at work on my Ipad and for some Godforsaken reason it won't let me comment.


Nicole said...

So my mom texted me just as I started reading this post... yeah I was wondering what my mom was baking. OMG! I have a cold and my cold medicine is wearing off. I'm not running 100% today at all! I was pulling out of my parents driveway, thought my foot was on the brake when it was on the gas. Anyway... you can send banana cake/bread my way... just saying ;)