Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hay and more

Grandpa arrived on Wednesday while Chyann and I were in the cities seeing her Doctors.

The Doc's are quite pleased with her bone healing abilities, but a somewhat worried that she is outgrowing their predictions on how tall she is going to be - currently she is 5'3''. New bone age xrays show she still has a lot of growing to do and that is problematic as they grew her right leg only 1cm longer than the left leg and the left has already caught up with the right. The right (is still growing, but at a slower rate than the left due to nerve damage and other factors) needs to be a little shorter than the left - which they planned on but it can't be too much shorter than the left.. Did you get that? So, they are going to keep a close watch on her lengths and if needed will go in and stop the left from growing. FYI she has almost full mobility back in her right knee!

So, when we got back from the cities Grandpa is taking a nap, planning on heading out that evening with the kids to Oklahoma.

After dinner they left. I cried.

When I got a hold of myself I was going to call my Mother and let her know they were on the way. Chyann called instead and said something was wrong with the truck and they were coming back. !! really?

Grandpa said the truck had no power going up hills and a code had been thrown - you know all new vehicles are ran by computers and you have to have a specialized thing to read the codes (the Hubby has one, but not for vehicles that new).

Next morning Grandpa is up early heading for the Chevy dealer to get the code thing figured out. He is back within a half hour saying the code was cleared and let's roll!

Kids hurriedly threw their stuff in the truck and they were off within 20 minutes!

I cried. Happy that they were going, but worried all the same.

I went upstairs to tidy up and get ready to start work, when the door bell rang!?! The kids were back!

Grandpa's truck was still not running properly and he didn't want to take the chance of getting stranded somewhere with the kids. Off he went to OK. He made it safely and the truck is getting fixed.

The kids were bummed about not going - Caden had big ideas of fishing in their pond and riding one of Grandpa's four wheelers - he has two and a go cart. Chyann brought a bunch of horse "stuff" because she was going to ride their horse Sonny - who use to be used for barrel racing and is a paint. She wants that horse soooo bad (Grandpa would probably give him to her if she could talk her Daddy into it). She also had ideas of cooking for Grandma and taking care of her - she just had a shoulder operation to fix her rotor cuff.

Getting ready to leave (the first time).

Chyann bought herself a camera for the trip to OK. Finally someone else to take pictures!

Below are some of her first shots.

Shasta breeze looking for Caden to throw that toy for her.

Casper pestering Jenny.

We have been having some of the best weather lately. It gets cool at night and warms up to the 50's during the day. Love it!

Hey! Almost forgot - I got an Excellence award from work on Friday! $$ and a certificate! How cool is that!


Lisa said...

Everytime our son leaves I want him back...when he's here I can't wait for him to leave. Ahhhh being a mom.

Cool for your award.

PAK ART said...

Congrats on the Excellence card - I've been reading your blog but not taking time to comment lately. I always love catching up on what you and your family are doing. Love the story of Grandpa trying to leave - I know that feeling and then the joy when you realize they've come back!!!