Friday, October 14, 2011

Animal Friday!

Once again it's that longed for day of the week - FRIDAY!

Shasta Breeze taking a snooze while we play domino's.

The view from my "office" window. I just happened to look out and they were all laying down. By the time I ran downstairs and back up to take the picture Gypsy and Casper were standing again.

You can just barely see Jenny and Cowboy laying down behind the Elm branch. Casper is terribly muddy from the rain the night before.

For the first few hours after I started work Chyann's cat Gracie had to be right there rubbing, trying to walk on the keyboard, laying on the desk and shedding alllllll over me! Yuck! Not to mention I had one dog or the other in my lap all day.

All in all it was a great first day of working from home. No technical issues what so ever! Just logged on and went to work, that was so nice. And I have to say that for the most part everything was just as fast as when I was in office, with only a few exceptions that I can easily deal with.

I did miss the going away potluck for my good friend Steph at work and that was a bummer, as they had some fantastic food - or so I heard.

A little OT on the books for Saturday AM as our busiest time of year officially starts tomorrow. It's the Fall open insurance enrollment for Medicare eligible folks.

Gerry is also coming up late tonight or early tomorrow to get pick up more hay. Mom is staying home and taking it easy this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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