Saturday, February 27, 2010

Muffins and random stuff

Saturday morning muffins.

Those guys smelled soo good and tasted even better!
Nothing like homemade muffins, don't you agree?

All is well here.

Caden and I have recovered from strep
and no one else has came down with it.

Major earthquake in Chile.
I heard on the news that it was 1000 times stronger
than the recent one Haiti had.
Now that is scary!

Growing up in AK earthquakes and volcano rumblings
happened on a fairly regular basis.

I have a distinct memory of sleeping on the couch and
being awakened by the plant that was hanging in a corner
of the living room swinging wildly and smacking the walls
from a good shaker.

Pavlof volcano
was just across the bay from our house in Cold Bay
(cool pic of Cold Bay is the 5th one down)
and had frequent eruptions when I lived there.
One eruption during the winter turned
the falling snow black with ash and you couldn't use the windshield
wipers on your vehicle because the ash would scratch it up.
Maybe we shouldn't have been outside
playing in the black snow, right?

Enjoy your weekend :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Nice looking muffins. Good thing I have you to read as I would not have heard about the big quake.

PAK ART said...

those do look yummy! When we had eruption a year ago it wasn't that bad but I did have a little pile of ash on my windshield that we washed off before using wipers.

Aunt Krissy said...

I like the flowers.Makes me think of spring.

Colorful Colorado said...

That is great - was looking thru one and lo and behold there are some pics of Irene McGlashan. I think is must be her youngest daughter, Kathy's, blogspot. I sure get a kick out of your blogspot!!! How do you keep up with 3 kids - can hardly keep up with Taylor!!