Monday, February 8, 2010

A change is coming

Some of the Blogs I follow
have recently updated their look.

That has got me thinking that I'd like to do it too.

Only problem is

What do I update it to,
How do I do it if no templates are to my liking,
I only want FREE templates, cuz I'm cheap
and Where do I find info on all this?

(remember this is Sunday pre-recorded and I'm
cooking and getting ready for the big game so I
don't have time to do it now it'll have to wait till
next weekend)


tainterturtles said...

Maybe when you have more time and things calm down, you can then think about how to jazz things up on your blog. More color would be fun! I still really like the cow pic as your header!

Aunt Krissy said...

I agree with TT. You do have a lot of white on your blog. I have too much blue.

crochet lady said...

One of the blogs I visit from time to time has free backgrounds and a whole list of about 20 different sites that have free backgrounds. Just click on the "I love comments" bird on my blog and it will take you to her site.

Linda said...

I've been playing with mine... they are all free. In my homestead blog I added my own picture background and with my goat blog I found a three column template and have tweaked it some to my liking... crochet lady has a good idea...

PAK ART said...

I got my background at The cutest blog on the block. I'd like to go to a three column template so next time I have spare time that's what I'm going to add. I still love your big cow pic at top. Don't lose that!

Anonymous said...

My uncle has a free website for this sort of stuff, it is called

Give it a shot. I think it is confusing, but all this techno stuff is way beyond me!

Love your blog btw! Will be following it more closely!

<3 Ebeth