Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday AM coffee

My favorite time of the day, even if all I hear is the howling of the wind outside as yet another spring snow storm barrels down on us. 
Supposed to get up to 10" of snow today and into tomorrow.
Once again all the snow had almost all melted and now more is on its way.

Haven't had a single baseball game yet. Not sure if they will attempt to make up the missed games or if they'll just skip them all together.  

I got a new phone. 
I didn't need one, but Caden did because his that had been handed down through the other kids finally died.
I figured if anyone is getting a new one it will be me, so I gave him mine and got one of the newer iphones.
It has the capability of "live" pictures. 
It will be cool I heard and it kinda is except when you download them to your computer and the computer thinks they are actually videos and blogger wont let me post them. 
So I have a lot of great "live" pictures that you'll never get to see.
With that being said here are a few pictures from last weekends school talent show.

Picture of us waiting for the show to begin.

Caden had several jazz band numbers that he participated in. 

The music is so good!

He sang two songs with the guys choir.
They are incredibly expressive while singing, everyone gets a chuckle out of them.

Singing with the show choir.

Chyann tells me that when the picture gets all white and washes out the subject all I need to do is tap the screen to fix it. That bit of information would have been helpful prior to the talent show so yes a lot of the pictures I did get were washed out like this. Drat.

Singing Hey Jude.

Singing with the whole choir.
It was a fantastic evening!
Loved every minute of it!

The finalists for the fan favorite were a couple that performed an amazing swing dance - so talented and fun, a gal who isn't in choir singing a wonderful solo and our boy who sang Hey Jude.

He didn't expect to win two years in a row but he did!
So proud of this kid! 
He is a wonder!

 Have a great day :)


Ami said...

Been on Facebook too long, I wanted to 'like' all your pictures. (Even the white ones) lol.

My memories of band and choir are still good memories 39 years after I graduated from high school. Although I don't wax poetic (ahhh, the best times of my life... which they were NOT) I do remember making music as some of the most amazing experiences I ever had.

I still refuse to get a smart phone.

Nicole said...

So one way to get those live pictures to yourself is to email them. I know that's a pain, but... The live photos actually have helped me save a few photos. I'm kind of torn between liking them or not too. I have a Mac so I can download them and then leave them, but I also get the still photo. But if there are photos you want on say your computer or blog, you can always email them because they will only email the still photo :).