Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter returned

All our snow was gone.
Everything was drying up nicely.
The grass appeared to be starting to green up even.
It was lovely.
Until yesterday brought about ten to 12 inches of snow. Wind too. We've got drifts three feet deep on the driveway and will probably spend a good chunk of time outside today moving snow.

It is still February and winter, but that little taste of spring was sure nice.

The kids are all doing well at school.

Colton's graduation date has been set. May 13th! I'm giddy with excitement for him!
The world is his oyster. Wide open in front of him. He can go anywhere, do anything.
Exciting times!
Chyann continues to excel and be successful at college. She will be home in March for spring break. We are all looking forward to having her here for an extended period. With any luck the weather will be nice and we can ride horses. I have been working with them every few days so hopefully they wont be too wild and crazy when we do ride.
Picture from last time she was home.

Caden is in the school play Annie which will open towards the end of March. Between play practice, baseball practice and school work that kid is always busy. Baseball tryouts are next weekend and he is ready to strut his stuff!

Work for me has been busy. It's a good gig. I can't complain at all.
The little taste of spring we had got me thinking about my gardening plans. I'm excited to get outside and plant. Can't wait for that first fresh tomato.

That's all I've got.
Have a good weekend.
Stay warm.


Ami said...

I am sorry you had spring and now it's winter again. Doesn't seem fair, although I don't know where you should send your complaints. ;)

I heard that we were supposed to get snow on Thursday, but we just got the smallest bit of ice. Didn't even consider having to close schools. Thank goodness, can't afford more time off, the school year has already been extended by 10 days!!

Nicole said...

I saw on this morning that our neck of the woods will be above average temps in March... joy.... We barely border the average temps but we were in the red. I was also told that we were going to have bad weather today including potential hail :(. yuck! This weather/winter has been crazy. I think it was snowing on Sunday but way to warm to stick. It hit my windshield and was gone, poof! This year will be interesting for sure....

tainterturtles said...

Wow Kellie, can't believe Colton is graduating in May. I hope he can find a job soon. Enjoy Chyann when she comes home for spring break. Hope you can do some fun things with her.