Sunday, February 12, 2017


So it has been 43 days since I have talked to you all.

43 days of crazy shit.
Everything from snow and ice storms, power outages, no water due to well problems -twice, hospitalizations, vehicle accidents, the flu, injured horses, cats with diarrhea, hot tub malfunctions, family member with a terminal illnesses, a clown running the country, nephew got married, my parents will be great grandparents this summer (my brothers kids), fish classes, Dean's list, feeding birds, baseball, broken resolutions and more.

I've laid in bed at night, while unable to sleep, writing interesting and funny blog posts with the intention of writing them down and saying hello first thing the next morning before work. However all the witty things I thought I had to say disappear from my head in the cold light of day and with each day that passed, it was harder to sit down and write.

Here I am today though, short on time as its baseball bat try out day. Baseball season starts soon ya know. Although for us it's turned into a year round thing.

I'll be back soon.


Ami said...

I hope you're doing okay. That's a lot going on.

There is not a clown running the country, he's just the face. Lots of other people actually running things. Ain't pretty.

I do the lie-awake-write-posts-ponder-the-universe thing.

You need a category on your blog, 'stuff I think about when I should be sleeping'.

tainterturtles said...

Hi Kellie, holy cow, you do have a lot of crazy stuff going on...yikes girl! I'm thinking you and I need to catch up BIG time. Currently, waiting for our next snowstorm. Hope you don't lose power again.

And yes, we do have a clown running the country. Make that a mentally ill clown!

Nicole said...

Wow, a lot has happened, and I almost want some indepth details. I actually quit writing my main blog, put focus into my side one and then went back and put in all the posts I wanted in my main one. I think my side one is becoming the main one though.... I put a lot of time in it hoping maybe someday it will take off... Who knows, probably not, but it's a good thought right?