Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow pictures

A few pictures of our recent snow fall:

Caden helping move some snow

A cardinal hanging out at the feeder today

The horses coming in for dinner

Gypsy and Jennifer

Meanwhile back in the house the cats are all snuggled up together.
I haven't had to get the cat tamers out at all today, they've stayed out of the tree like good little kitties.

Chyann made it back to St Cloud without incident, thankfully.

Both the big kids have finals this next week then are done for the semester, YAY!

Stay warm out there :) 

1 comment:

Ami said...

I like the photos. The horses look so cute trudging in for dinner.
But you know, I really hate snow. I'd be happy to not see it anymore for awhile. Apparently, we're going to get another ice storm this week. Still haven't finished cleaning up all the branches from the one last week. ::sigh::

Stay warm!!!