Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hay Day

Yesterday we had to restock our hay supply. Our hay monger lives about 3 miles to the north from us so it wasn't a long trip. We pay a little more for the convenience of choosing to get it from this guy, but the Hubby thinks it is well worth the extra money as the hay is always good, it's close, they are nice folks and we don't have to buy in bulk.

The mister of the operation was actually in AK trapping in Cantwell so his wife did the loading.

I was majorly impressed with her skid steer skills.

And told her if she ever gave lessons, I'd be first in line to learn how to maneuver that machine so smoothly!

It was about -5 with no wind, thankfully. The sky was a spectacular shade of blue.

The bales in the truck are straight alfalfa and on the trailer are a grassy alfalfa mix.

The end result. Ready for the trip home.

Backing up to the barn so we can use the wench to pull the bales off into the barn.
Scotch watching intently.

Our hay monger quit bailing the small squares a few years ago and not a lot of farmers in this area still put out the small bales, so we get the big squares. They weight about 900lbs. Depending on the weather we go through about a bale a week.

Colton has started weight bearing on his right foot and using one crutch. He is doing well and the foot isn't hurting at all - YAY!

Football playoffs today!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

BURRRRRR! Winter has arrived!

The high temp today was -3*, add in a biting wind we are talking about -20*ish.. Damn cold!

You'd think this kind of weather would keep my kid indoors right? Nope. Soon as we got home from visiting Krissy at the library (twice in one week I've seen that gal!) she had to drag out a few horses. Today's big idea was to pony Jenny with Scotch. You can just barely see the blue of her coat through the willow and maple branches.

Scotchie was an angle and Jenny apparently decided to try kicking Shasta and somehow ended up tugging Chyann off Scotch. And what was I doing? Watering the cows - freezing my arse off!

Can't have a day without horses you know, regardless of the weather. Wish I had a horse at her age.

Anyhow, I had a nasty surprise yesterday. I put the dogs out on my break, did a little laundry and sweeping, then called the dogs back in. Wasn't really paying much attention to them.. Came back down for lunch and see something odd on my couch. Turn on the light and discover one of those rotten dogs had brought in a frozen chunk of horse shit to gnaw on while I wasn't looking! OH WHAT A MESS! Good thing it was on my old couch and I can easily strip off the covers and wash.

I'll be watching those gal's a little closer from now on....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK day and 2 yrs of being a non-smoker

MLK day was yesterday.
I had it off and enjoyed a surprise visit from Krissy. Had not seen her in a coons age (funny I had dreamed about her the night before too). We had lunch and got caught up on life and such.

It was also my 2nd anniversary of quitting smoking!
So pleased that I can say that - 2 years being a non-smoker - YAY!

Seemed like once I really decided to quit that was it for me (had to stop mind screwing myself first though. You know how you tell yourself - I'll quit tomorrow or I wont be the one who gets cancer or the best rationalization for smoking I NEED THIS CIGARETTE BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER/TAKE AWAY THE STRESS - whatever. Smoking for me was a bullshit crutch and I decided I was sick of it.

Course I had all the miserable cravings, which I was able to get through by taking as deep of a breath as I could and holding it for as long as I could. At first I sure couldn't hold it long and usually ended up coughing, but now I can hold my breath for a good long time with no coughing and I don't get out of breath unless I'm really doing something that warrants it. Still haven't lost the 10 pounds that I gained, but I haven't put on any more than that either, so I'm ok with that - well not really, but I hope to get more active now that I'm on a good schedule and have more daylight hours to work with. Glad that I don't stink like an ashtray. Amazing to me how bad smokers smell and they have no clue.

Life is good - especially being a non-smoker :)
Here's to it being a short week and more football this weekend!

PS - yes I'm bummed the Packers tanked it, but there is always next year. Can't decide if I want the 49er or the Giants to win...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This, that and the big 14

I have no idea what has kept me so busy this last week. A few highlights were:

Going out to dinner and getting a full, huge glass of lemon-aid spilled in my lap. Almost hitting someones horse on the way home in the dark. Trying to catch the little guy when no one was home, calling the non-emergency police line to let them know. The football playoffs are here. Having the most gorgeous spring like weather for a few days; spending all my time outside cleaning up crap and enjoying the fresh air. We even had a record high temp on Tuesday of 53*. Then of course it got crappy and by Thursday our high temp was only 16* and windy as hell. We ended up getting about 4 inches of snow too - burrrrr. Winter is here. Can't complain about it too much since we'll start seeing the real spring present itself in about six weeks or so. I can handle that, especially since the days are definitely getting longer. With my new schedule it feels like I have a new outlook (yes, that probably means I'm not so bitchy). I've got time again to do baking and try out new recipes for dinner, instead of relying on the quick and easy standbys.

My baby, Shasta Breeze and the new LEGO CITY!

Colton, getting some fresh air. Last week's doctor appointment confirms that he is growing new cartilage and should have a good outcome from the operation. One more week of no weight bearing. He has been a trooper, hasn't even taken any pain meds for 10 days. Getting a bit of cabin fever though.

And last but not least, the lovely Chyann turned 14 yesterday! Hard to believe, but true. She is growing into a wonderfully beautiful young lady with loads and loads of potential to do anything her heart desires. I'm so proud of all that she has accomplished and continually amazed by her determination and force of will, course these strong traits can be a problem on occasion as well, but more often than not are a good thing.

Happy 14th Birthday Chyann!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Yesterday I was able to enjoy the following:

Caden trying to make a snowman with what little snow we have left and Casper watching.

Casper appearing quite befuddled at the strange ball of snow.

Jenny and Chyann checking out the strange mound as well.

A lovely sunset while brushing horses.

On a mild January evening.

With my children outside.

all because




Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gaining Daylight

We are gaining about a minute plus of daylight every day and the temps are going to be in the low to mid 40's tomorrow and Thursday. Giving us all hope that spring really is coming.

Although it really hasn't been a bad winter so far, I'm just tired of the short daylight hours and working during all of them. Can't complain too much about the daylight either, at least I don't have to deal with the extreme darkness of living in AK during the winter anymore. Hoping to find out if I'm getting a schedule change soon - fingers crossed.

Chyann and Caden are back to school. Christmas vacation seemed so short this year.

Colton is taking this semester off due to his operation and other factors. He has applied to UW River Falls for the fall semester. Planning on working full time after he recovers from the ankle operation and saving up some money.

My refrigerator, that is only about five years old, started acting funny - not being cool enough, over the weekend. The Hubby cleaned all the lint/gunk from behind and below it. Then we held our breath to see what it was going to do. This am I had some leftover taters along the back wall and a few eggs that were frozen. Hmm.. so I turned it to a slightly warmer temp. Let's hope it is not going out.

Enjoy your Humpday

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another 365 days have passed

Goodbye 2011 and HELLO 2012!

I'm going to say 2011 was pretty momentous for our family. I think I'll do a year in review blog later in the week.

We went to a fun New Years Eve party at my good friend Sherri's place. Great company, good food - really the best best garlic cream cheese sour cream dip stuff!, lots of laughs, some games too.

I petered out early due to having had to work yesterday AM and apparently not getting a long enough nap so we were home by about 1130p. Good thing too because it had started snowing earlier and the roads were really crappy. A drive that usually takes about six minutes took almost a half hour, that's how snotty the roads were.

And we came home to find Chyann and her buddy that spent the night, outside riding Gypsy double bareback in the snow with no helmets, bridle, or even a halter and did I mention it was DARK or that Gypsy had not been ridden in about a month?!?! All Chyann had on Gypsy was a rope around her neck - she neck reigns.

Of all the dumb ass things to do!


Funny we had just been talking earlier in the evening of the stupid shit we all did as kids and how it was amazing that we lived through adolescence! Most of the stories we told involved booze, smoking and sneaking out. Guess I can be grateful Chyann's idea of stupid shit didn't involve any of that, but still mighty dangerous all the same.

By the time all the horse confessions were over with it was just about time for the ball to drop.

The Hubby took the kids outside to blow off a few fireworks in the falling snow

and I was snoozing before 1a.

This morning it's trying to snow again and a bit windy.

Little Millie is not so little anymore. Six months and a week old the Hubby is making noise about weaning her.

Gypsy and Jennifer this morning.

You can still see butt marks on Gypsy's back from the girl's midnight ride.

The lovable Sparky.

Hope you had a safe New Years Eve and have a wonderful New Year!