Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hay and more

Grandpa arrived on Wednesday while Chyann and I were in the cities seeing her Doctors.

The Doc's are quite pleased with her bone healing abilities, but a somewhat worried that she is outgrowing their predictions on how tall she is going to be - currently she is 5'3''. New bone age xrays show she still has a lot of growing to do and that is problematic as they grew her right leg only 1cm longer than the left leg and the left has already caught up with the right. The right (is still growing, but at a slower rate than the left due to nerve damage and other factors) needs to be a little shorter than the left - which they planned on but it can't be too much shorter than the left.. Did you get that? So, they are going to keep a close watch on her lengths and if needed will go in and stop the left from growing. FYI she has almost full mobility back in her right knee!

So, when we got back from the cities Grandpa is taking a nap, planning on heading out that evening with the kids to Oklahoma.

After dinner they left. I cried.

When I got a hold of myself I was going to call my Mother and let her know they were on the way. Chyann called instead and said something was wrong with the truck and they were coming back. !! really?

Grandpa said the truck had no power going up hills and a code had been thrown - you know all new vehicles are ran by computers and you have to have a specialized thing to read the codes (the Hubby has one, but not for vehicles that new).

Next morning Grandpa is up early heading for the Chevy dealer to get the code thing figured out. He is back within a half hour saying the code was cleared and let's roll!

Kids hurriedly threw their stuff in the truck and they were off within 20 minutes!

I cried. Happy that they were going, but worried all the same.

I went upstairs to tidy up and get ready to start work, when the door bell rang!?! The kids were back!

Grandpa's truck was still not running properly and he didn't want to take the chance of getting stranded somewhere with the kids. Off he went to OK. He made it safely and the truck is getting fixed.

The kids were bummed about not going - Caden had big ideas of fishing in their pond and riding one of Grandpa's four wheelers - he has two and a go cart. Chyann brought a bunch of horse "stuff" because she was going to ride their horse Sonny - who use to be used for barrel racing and is a paint. She wants that horse soooo bad (Grandpa would probably give him to her if she could talk her Daddy into it). She also had ideas of cooking for Grandma and taking care of her - she just had a shoulder operation to fix her rotor cuff.

Getting ready to leave (the first time).

Chyann bought herself a camera for the trip to OK. Finally someone else to take pictures!

Below are some of her first shots.

Shasta breeze looking for Caden to throw that toy for her.

Casper pestering Jenny.

We have been having some of the best weather lately. It gets cool at night and warms up to the 50's during the day. Love it!

Hey! Almost forgot - I got an Excellence award from work on Friday! $$ and a certificate! How cool is that!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are you Kidding me!?!?!?

My personal hotmail account got hacked!

How and why does that happen?!!??!

I was locked out for a few days and was finally able to verify I was really the owner of the account and let back in. The hotmail folks said my email address was hijacked to send spam to people - not folks I knew, but random strangers - how rude is that?!

Caden had a swim party for his birthday last Friday after school. The lifeguard had her hands full trying to keep an eye on all the wild animals we let loose on the local pool.

A few local guys have opened up a nice little restaurant called the Green Cow. They make their own ice cream - which is wonderful, use local beef in their food and are really doing well. They are going to start making their own bread soon as well.

We took the kids their for lunch on Saturday and had a great meal. The Italian Chicken on homemade Texas toast is fantastic!

My lovely babies

Chyann had a friend over on Sunday and the three of us rode horses. Was a lot of fun! First time in a while that we've had anyone ride with us, on our horses. All the horses were well behaved and Chyann's friend showed that she was well able to handle riding Scotch.

Grandpa Gerry is heading this way today to get some more hay and pick up the kids -minus Colton, for a long weekend in Oklahoma with the Grandparents! Wish I was going too!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little of this and that...

At work a few weeks ago we did a team building exercise and tie dyed shirts to wear to a company meeting - which we rocked! We played Let's Make A Deal. Which I had the pleasure of being a contestant by shouting out who the original host was "Monty Hall!" I started out with a nice company pen and traded up for the big box #2 which turned out to be a crown and pom-poms! Good fun :)

Caden thought the shirts I did were so cool! So we did some ourselves this last weekend.

Everyone did at least two shirts. Cutting the bands and unfolding them was exciting!

As they dried Gracie had to check them out too.

What a goofy cat.

Gerry made it home with his massive load of hay safely.

I should have taken a picture of how loaded he was. Next time.

It has been crazy windy here all this week. We are being squeezed between several different pressure systems and that sure makes for some blustery conditions. Definitely feeling like fall.

Working at home is a fantastic deal!

Two other gals in my work group have been approved to work from home as well. Before too long I bet half of us will be at home.

Happy Hump day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Animal Friday!

Once again it's that longed for day of the week - FRIDAY!

Shasta Breeze taking a snooze while we play domino's.

The view from my "office" window. I just happened to look out and they were all laying down. By the time I ran downstairs and back up to take the picture Gypsy and Casper were standing again.

You can just barely see Jenny and Cowboy laying down behind the Elm branch. Casper is terribly muddy from the rain the night before.

For the first few hours after I started work Chyann's cat Gracie had to be right there rubbing, trying to walk on the keyboard, laying on the desk and shedding alllllll over me! Yuck! Not to mention I had one dog or the other in my lap all day.

All in all it was a great first day of working from home. No technical issues what so ever! Just logged on and went to work, that was so nice. And I have to say that for the most part everything was just as fast as when I was in office, with only a few exceptions that I can easily deal with.

I did miss the going away potluck for my good friend Steph at work and that was a bummer, as they had some fantastic food - or so I heard.

A little OT on the books for Saturday AM as our busiest time of year officially starts tomorrow. It's the Fall open insurance enrollment for Medicare eligible folks.

Gerry is also coming up late tonight or early tomorrow to get pick up more hay. Mom is staying home and taking it easy this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The big 9!

My Baby Boy turned 9 this week!

Blew out all the candles on his cake.

The siblings we in attendance as well and had fun trying to give him the required 9 swats.

That evening was Caden's last football game of the season, played under the lights.

The soybean field next door was harvested this week too. I don't remember it being such a dusty process in previous years, but boy oh boy was the dust thick.

Chyann is thrilled that they are getting the soybeans off now so we can ride in the fields since it is deer bow season and Daddy'O is not too wild on us riding in the woods.

We had a big wind last week that blew off most of the gorgeous leaves and broke a huge branch off my biggest lilac tree.

Today is my first day of working from home. I brought all my junk home last night and got everything set up. When I'm done here I'll be heading up to my "office" and logging in!

Toodles :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Animal Friday


And what a long week this has been!

The folks got off early Monday AM. We sure loved having them here. Due to the hot and dry conditions in OK this last summer it looks like we'll be seeing more of them since they plan on driving up here to buy all their hay for the winter. LOVE IT!

The piggies have completely recovered from their ailment and are getting big. So big that they stand on their hind legs to look out the stone wall. Not the best picture of that, but you get the idea.

Thought I'd throw in a picture of the cows. Millie sure is getting big.

Lily and Marble, who have been running with the neighbors bull down the road, will be getting preg checked next week and returning home if pregnant or taking a trip to the butcher if not...

Chyann taking a spin on Gypsy the other day. Sure wish I'd been home earlier every day this week to have ridden with her since the weather has been absolutely beautiful - Indian summer with temps in the low 80's. She's been having a blast.

Chyann has been hired by the neighbors to bring Casper up to their house and give pony rides for their daughters Birthday party tonight. She is planning on painting Casper all up with pink paint and glitter. I told her to take some pictures for me since I'll still be at work.

No big plans for the weekend..
Tidy up my new office some since it is getting wired for work on Tuesday. Looks like I may make the deployment date of Oct 13th if all continues to go well.
Sure am glad I wont have to be driving to and from work soon as the sand mine that recently began operating in our Township started hauling the sand on Oct 1 and the roads, which are not all that great to start with, are being overtaken with huge semi type dump trucks. Today on my way to work I had nine of the buggers pass me and I sware they travel with their drivers side wheels right on the center line! Making me have to practically get in the ditch to avoid getting hit.
More on the sand mine at a later date.

Anyhow.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Having a great time!

Grandma and Grandpa with Maggie too, arrived in the wee hours of yesterday morning!

The kids were so excited to see them - me too of course!

Caden with Grandpa and Maggie. Maggie is the spitting image of her mama Beegee, except for a bit smaller. Grandpa carries her like a purse!

Flat Stanley, who enjoyed many adventures and the road trip from Oklahoma to Wisconsin with the Grandparents came home as well! Caden can't wait to share all Flat Stanley's amazing trip with the kids at school tomorrow. I got the best laugh when Mom was telling us how they got out of the truck in Kansas to take some pictures of Flat Stanley playing in some gorgeous flowers, when a lady come up to them and asked if that was Flat Stanley? And told how Flat had been visiting her as well and took a road trip with her family from Wisconsin to Oklahoma! That guy sure gets around!

The Grandparents got to come to Caden's football game and see him get a touchdown!

Chyann had to show-off with Scotch a little too.

My Mother with Gracie while playing some Scrabble - our favorite game.

We stayed up waaay too late last night watching old family videos and part of Colton's last play.
I love it when my Mother is here. We always laugh so much! Three times yesterday I laughed till I cried. Isn't that just the best!