Saturday, October 30, 2010

The wind and the willow

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and even into Thursday we had one of the lowest low pressure systems come through the mid-west.

The news said it produced category 3 Hurricane force winds, I looked at the carts on hurricane winds and it seems maybe we only had category 2 winds, but what do I know - I'm no expert.

The wind blew like it does out on the Aleutian chain, where I lived as a kid, sideways!
We would walk to school and only be wet from the rain on one side of us.
Use to be able to tell exactly how windy it was out side by how much the toilet water was swishing around in the toilet - Now that was a windy day!

Any who, we knew that big branch on the willow tree needed to come down as it was really leaning after one day of the big winds.

Can you see where the branch has separated from the main trunk? We probably should be proactive and cut off the trunk/branch on the far left off too, but I'll talk to our county tree guy first before we do that.

This picture shows how much more that branch has separated from the trunk.

The Hubby with the saw. The wind was really blowing too so I was worried the branch wasn't going to fall where he wanted it to, but it did.

And down it comes.

You should have heard the huge CRACK!!!!
It was so loud I worried more of the tree was coming down too!

Big plan for today? Clean up the area.

Chyann counted 44 rings in the branch. If that branch is that old wonder how old the main part of the tree is? Hope we don't get to find out for many, many years to come.

In other news, Colton and I caught the remaining black chicken and I took it to work with me in a box to give to my friend. Was a scary ride to work. I knew it wasn't coming out of the box, but every once in a while it would squawk or cluck and freak me out!

Overtime starts this coming week at work. I'm going to try to do at least 10 hours a day, maybe 12, we'll see.

Looking forward to riding horses with Chyann today.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The BEST concert EVER and other stuff

Saturday the cows came home!

The poor beasts are covered in burrs. Guess that is what comes with running in wide open spaces. The Hubby is happy to have his babies home again. After getting the house work done and the weeks grocery shopping we ended up going to the local watering hole with some friends to see the costume contest.

Came home and played singing star. We thought it sounded pretty good until we were done and went into the kitchen to see the Hubby's had their ears stuffed with napkin wads - No joke.

Sunday was spent watching football on the couch with a wonderful almost three hour nap.

When I got home from work yesterday everyone was waiting for me to head out to the school for Colton and Chyann's Fall concert.

Chyann's middle school band played three songs and sounded great. The band gained a bunch of new performers and are 40+ strong now! That's huge for being only two grades combined. Course her class is the biggest in school history - almost 90 kids.

The High school choir played and did some neat stuff. This is Colton's first year in choir and he is having fun with it.

I recorded most of the music with the little camcorder, but only had half a tape available so I put some stuff on the SD card. All Chyann's stuff was on the camcorder, otherwise I'd have posted some of her music too.

The video isn't the best, but you get the idea.

Can you guess what song this is?

The kids did several skits and played tons of music from Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, two KISS tunes of course, Lady Gaga, Dragonforce, Green Day, Boston and a few others.

It was so fantastic they got a standing ovation!!!

NEVER has that happened in the eight years we've been going to the concerts!

That's how wonderful it was!

Blustery, cold winter like temps have moved in. They say the winds will be sustained about 40 knots and gusting up to 60! Winter here we come!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free-range no more

The geese and two black chickens are gone!

Who knew geese and three chickens could be such a pain in my ARSE!

When we first got them I tried to give them Krissy and she said not only NO, but Hell NO would she take those animals - even though at the time she was looking to expand her chicken flock.
I had no idea what she spoke of when she said they were very territorial and messy.

And you know me I'm a bit, ok maybe more than a bit, scared of feathered fowl.

Occasionally when I'd go out to feed the animals those geese would start chasing me!

I had to sick Benny on them a time or two to get them to quit coming after me and every morning there they were giving me the ol' stink eye.
Benny was very happy to come to my assistance when I called though.

The geese, three black chickens and a pair of ducks had the run of the place and the Hubby had no problem with that until they started coming up on the porch and crapping EVERYWHERE! Then they found a way up into the barn and shit all over the place. Good thing they didn't get too much of the hay otherwise the Hubby and Caden would have done some target practicing with them right then.

Enter my friend from work who's parents are traditional Hmong.

She and her Mother came over last night after I got home from work. The Hubby had all the fowl locked up in the chicken coop in anticipation of them being easy pickings and us not having to chase them all over hell and back to catch them - Chyann had a moment of Born FREE or FREE Willie and let a bunch of chickens out of the cage, including a black hen that was supposed to go! Six years ago we got about 45 chickens and have a few left from the original bunch, Chyann thought her Daddy was gonna let my friend have the old chickens too and decided to save them when one of the black hens escaped with them. Great...

The Hubby and my friends' Ma decided the best way for the fowl to depart this Earth. The geese got their necks wrung and placed very lovingly in box to be plucked later and the chickens, minus the one escapee, got put into a box live - their fate to be later determined.

We did search all over for the missing hen, but it was soon dark and finding a black chicken in the dark is surely a loosing proposition.

Chyann's Daddy did let her keep the ducks though. Her big plan is to hatch a bunch of baby ducks for next years local fair to sell. Hmm.. Guess we'll see what kind of a pain those ducks turn out to be without the geese and chickens to run with.

Never did figure out why the three black chickens didn't run with our original chickens and rooster. Maybe they thought they were geese since they were all hatched together.
Man this was a long week. Glad it's over.
Was so tired when I fell into bed at 10p.
Woke up at 230a nice and refreshed!
So, here I am at 4a on the computer.. I see a nap in my future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That time of year? Yep.

Halloween is rolling our way!

October 31st is a big day at our house, for those who don't know.

It's our 19th anniversary!

Colton's 18th birthday!


of course Halloween!

The kids had fun carving up the pumpkins and we roasted the seeds.

Chyann and Caden made this headless horse girl on Sunday.
She even has a stuffed bra on. They couldn't decide on how to mount her pumpkin head so they skipped that

and decided to rope her a horse.

Pretty cute idea. Much better than the scarecrow hanging from the elm that we had one year.

Not too many months ago Colton declared for his 18th birthday he was going to a strip joint. I asked if that was still his plan and his girlfriend (yes he has one who is 19 years old and in college) said No, he wasn't. Guess the plan is to have a bonfire here at the house with a bunch of his friends, which is fine with us. Rather have them here where I can keep an eye one them, than out gallivanting doing who knows what.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, oh Sunday

Truly, it was another beautiful day.
They say it isn't going to last though.
Cooler temps are headed our way and I guess that's ok. It is mid-October and all.
My favorite tree almost totally leaf-less.

Chyann and I rode all the ponies again today, you'd think someone - anyone here would think to get out the camera and take some pictures of us riding, but no. Apparently that is the furthest thing from any ones mind. So, no pictures, but I tell ya we sure have been having a blast!

Caught a little football today too.

Casey and I were glad the Viking's won!

Bummer the Packers didn't. Very close game though.
Back to the grind tomorrow. I really have loved my time off. I don't think I even had to yell at anyone either. That in and of itself, makes everything EXTRA special.
Let's hope this next week just flys by!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Always wear your helmet

I have really enjoyed these last few days off from work.
Thursday I/we got every closet and dresser cleaned out in the whole house!
Took five bags and two boxes of clothing, toys and other stuff to our local goodwill store. That was a project that had needed to be done for a while, but with work and busy weekends it never got done.
I spied Chyann from the window on Thursday, when she was supposed to be cleaning, out on Jenny.
No helmet, no nothing.
Yes, the horses are mowing for me since the Hubby put the mower away.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she was teaching Jenny how to move away from pressure with just her legs for direction. Hmmmn.

OK, but where's the helmet?

Jenny was willing and moved out whenever Chyann gave her a squeeze.

All was well, until for some reason that we haven't discovered yet, Scotch got pissed and kicked the shit out of Jenny! Right in the chest, boom!
He gave a high pitched squeal right before he jacked up and gave her the big wammie. Jenny took the kick and walked off. It happened so fast Chyann was like what was that?

Jenny was fine and I'm like see you need to wear a helmet.
I should have made her get off and get the helmet instead of standing around taking pictures and asking questions. Good lesson for both of us.

Today is the first Saturday in I don't know how long that we haven't had to get up early and get moving for Caden's football games. Last Tuesday night was his last game and he was pretty bummed he didn't get a touchdown. He is already looking forward to playing next year.
Chyann and I rode yesterday and had a blast. We are planning on doing it again today.

Happy Saturday to ya!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Willow...

I was backing out the other day and noticed the willow tree looked a little strange. To me it's always looked like a perfect replica of cousin IT from the Adams' family. Very shaggy, but symmetrical.

Now it has a major branch jutting out on the East side.

The leaves on the branch are turning yellow faster than the rest of the tree.

A view from inside the canopy and wow that's a big branch.

After a little investigation I've discovered why that branch looks strange. It is cracked and has pulled away from the trunk about six inches at the worst spot.

I absolutely hate it that this has happened to my beautiful willow tree!

The Hubby is going to have to cut it off before it falls and does even more damage to the tree.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the willow will survive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taggin UP

I was tagged by Shelly, for a gettin to know you game. Having not had the pleasure of doing this before I left my answers in her comment box. Guess that's not the best way to play the game.

So, here goes...

1. Do you like sports or would you like to murder train them? Which sports are you favorite if you do watch them?

I love football! I have no favorite team, but I do like the Packers, because I live in WI and you have to support the home team. I love the Vikings because I'm a Brett Favre fan! I really, really love the Steelers! I love the Redskins because McNab now plays there. I love the Raiders because my brother loves them. I love the Chiefs because my Dad roots for them. hmm.. Oh, and I love the Giants and Colts because of the Manning brothers. Love the Cowboys cuz Romo is from WI..

2. What is your favorite vacation you've ever been on?

When I was 15 years old my folks took the whole clan to Hawaii.

3. Which is better chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely chocolate.

4. If you could go the whole rest of your life without hearing about ONE celebrity or public figure, like if that person ceased to exist, which person would that be?

I'm going with Sarah Palin. She is such a dope.

5. Do I enjoy watching TV? If so what is your favorite show?

I like TV, just don't get much opportunity to watch it. Once upon a time I LOVED Sex in the city. Now I really only watch news or whatever else is on when I walk in the room - cartoons, pawn stars - whatever..

6. What is your favorite kind of music?

All old stuff. 70's tunes, some 80's, a little 90's and even less stuff from current music.

7. First celebrity crush?

Has to be Leif Garrett

Wasn't he just gorgeous?

8. Favorite outfit?

Don't really have one. Comfy jeans.

9. Kittens or puppies?

Puppies! Who can resist their puppy breath?!

Thanks Shelly

In other news, I've taken Thurs and Fri off from work because our busy time is coming up and we're not able to take PTO then. Imagine that, worked there for three months and I've already accrued a bunch of PTO. I have big plans for cleaning out a few closets and the basement And riding as much as possible while this nice weather lasts!

Happiness is...

Getting paid to give pony rides to the neighbor girls!

Chyann got a call from some of our neighbors wanting to pay her to go to their house and give pony rides. Of course Casper couldn't just go, he had to get gussied up some.

The orange is her nod to deer hunting season, which we are in.

What a guy. He wasn't bothered by the spray at all.

The pony rides went well and she is a few bucks richer. What more could a horse crazy girl ask for?

Now, how to get the orange out? Lots of brushing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party and such

My favorite tree this last Sunday.

So, on Saturday Caden had a football game. I brought my pup Tater. She was a big hit with everyone wanting to pet her, which she actually tolerated well (she is very shy).

Last Saturday it was freezing and it was so nice a week later. Chyann taking the time to do her nails. Who, but a kid would think to bring that kind of thing to a football game?

All of the below kids, but one came to the house after the game - Caden also made another touchdown and almost got a second one.

The kids played more football, kickball and Chyann gave them pony rides. A good time had by all. Can't believe he is 8 already.

I took the day off yesterday and got caught up on a few things around the house.
It's back to the grind today though.
I heard on the news this morning that it was a year ago today that we got 2" of snow. Hard to believe that when the weather is still so beautiful.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Snakes, vines and fun

The weather has been just so nice.
Almost like summer again.
The heat sure feels good.

Found two snakes in the garden when we were out tidying up. Chyann looked them up and decided they were most like Northern brown snakes. Those creepy little guys slithered off into the grass while we watched. Don't know that I'll be able to go barefoot in the yard after seeing that.

The wild grape vines are what is red in this picture and the one above with Gypsy.

The mostly repaired backyard.

I worked 6a-230p yesterday and it was so nice coming home after work and actually having time to do stuff before dark.

Today is Cadens last Saturday football game and afterwards a pack of his buds are coming over for his 8Th birthday party. We were originally going to the local bowling alley after football, but they called after I made the reservation and told me they couldn't get anyone to come in and work that early, could we do it at 5p? Nope, all the kids and parents had already been told they'd be home by 5p. It'll probably be better here anyway -- they can run like the little wild animals they are instead of being cooped up.